The best recipes aren’t complicated! They’re fun and easy and inspire the connection we are all longing for—what we’re really craving—and will never find in packaged processed food designed for profit.

My son doesn’t even like to cook but he loves to eat! and really appreciates the high flavor impact of fresh ingredients in just the right combination to wow his taste buds. He knows he only needs to learn a few basics to get through his college years without relying exclusively on fast food. This is one of his favorite meals with a few short-cuts so he still has plenty of time to study and enjoy his friends.

Just playing with my niece and nephew one summer day, we made a tart that easily cost $30 at the local bakery. We picked the berries together, they loved making the dough, we mixed the marscapone with a little cream and sugar, spread it evenly and they thoroughly enjoyed placing each and every berry to make this beautiful tart. Guess how old they are?! PROOF: you don’t need to be an iron chef to wow your taste buds