Competency in the kitchen begins at Camp Cucina, where we cook for the fun of it!

At Camp Cucina, a Culinary Crash Course, designed around the particular needs of the college student (young adult), teens learn to recognize what they’re really craving.

By providing easily do-able, low-cost recipes with easy to master techniques, Santa Barbara Soul Food has created a truly empowering cooking course for teens and college students.

  • Learn to prepare quick, affordable, healthy meals
  • Master culinary tools and techniques
  • Understand the basics of good nutrition
  • Learn about food safety
  • Develop an appreciation for higher-consciousness cooking
  • Enjoy fabulous organic meals together

PLEASE NOTE: CAMP CUCINA IS NOT A LECTURE—It is a totally hands on course. This is the best way to learn anything. If you want to know how to get there again you need to be behind the wheel, right? It’s the same way in the kitchen.

Semi-Private Classes are now taught in various venues from your kitchen* to ours and coming soon—-Camp Cucina will be available at private high schools during breaks or for 5 consecutive Sundays.

Monday-Friday: 11-2

Tuition: $225 (that’s just $15/hour for semi-private instruction)

Supply Fee: $50 includes snack upon arrival, lunch, recipe binder, parents’ party on Friday and lots of tastings!


There are numerous benefits to hosting Camp Cucina—in addition to choosing your very own group of friends, your  tuition will be waived. This is a $225 Value!  And of course, you’ll be required to sample all the wonderful treats we create that week!

MINIMUM CLASS SIZE IS 6 STUDENTS. Kitchens must be conducive to cooking with a small group, nothing fancy since we are preparing for the reality of college living, just a stove and a table will do—-we bring all the equipment—not much, since in college you’ll be lucky to have a sharp knife and a cutting board.

Summer 2016 Sessions Currently Available:

June 6–10

June 13–17

June 20–24

June 27–July 1


Advanced Class open to Graduates of Camp Cucina I:  August 8–12


“You’ll never be able to eat enough fast food no matter how super they size it because  what you’re really craving just isn’t in there!” ~BZ