The most important ingredient isn’t even on the label

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Certainly not the first time I cooked in the middle of nowhere, but with a little help from my friends, anything is possible!


Would you believe The Most Essential Ingredient to a Healthy Lifestyle Isn’t located on the Nutritional Label?

This quality is what Barbara Zagata calls, “The Missing Ingredient.” It’s what we’re all truly craving. It isn’t in packaged, processed food that’s been designed for profit and because it isn’t in there we’ll never be able to eat enough.”

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All the ingredients of the best camp ever! In 2004 two girls from Dos Pueblos High School asked Santa Barbara chef Barbara Zagata to teach them how to cook. They assembled a group of friends, Barbara assembled her most fabulous, easy, low-cost, healthy recipes along with some great music and the rest is history…

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